Program Overview
  Roles & Responsibilities
  How to Become Involved

For Agencies

Regional water and wastewater agencies volunteer to participate in the water and wastewater internship program. Agencies appoint a mentor to work with the interns and evaluate the interns’ performance at the end of each eight-week session. Participating agencies also play a role in career days and job fairs at regional high schools and colleges. 

Program Overview

The goal of the internship program is to familiarize and train potential entry-level job candidates for positions in the San Diego region. The program provides local high school and college students with education, on-the-job training, and exposure to career opportunities. Completion of the program provides students with the necessary knowledge and training to apply for state water and wastewater certification exams.

Approximately 10-15 college students are selected each year to rotate through four different career experience modules; System Maintenance, System Operations, Water Treatment and Wastewater Treatment, over the course of 33 weeks. Interns are paid $12 an hour, and work a maximum of 27 hours per week, beginning with the fall semester. Interns are concurrently enrolled in water and/or wastewater technology courses at Palomar College or Cuyamaca College.

Roles & Responsibilities

The San Diego Region Water and Wastewater Internship Program is a partnership with local water and wastewater agencies and community colleges. Without this strategic partnership, the program could not provide the education and on-the-job experience that equips interns for career opportunities in water and wastewater technology.

Water Authority & Internship Program Committee

The San Diego County Water Authority and the Internship Program Committee provide overall program management including:

  • Program development
  • Communication and coordination between colleges and internship providers
  • Scheduling and placement of interns
  • Initial one day program orientation and general safety
  • Annual evaluation of the internship program
  • Disciplinary actions and intern removal from program if necessary

Water and Wastewater Agencies


Water and wastewater agencies provide the internship opportunities, sign the Host Agency Agreement,also complete a Host Agency Module Schedule and have the following responsibilities:

  • Provide workers' compensation insurance for interns
  • Interview and select interns as members of the Intern Selection Committee
  • Provide qualified mentors for interns over an eight week period
  • Provide site-specific safety training and orientation
  • Provide training and experience in accordance with the internship career module objectives
  • Pay student interns at rate of $11/hour
  • Evaluate interns and forward to Internship Program Committee at end of eight week term
  • Recommend intern for next rotation or program graduation

Community Colleges

Community colleges provide student guidance and are responsible for:

How to Become Involved

If you belong to a water or wastewater agency in the San Diego area that is not participating in this program, please contact,San Diego County Water Authority Human Resources at 858/522-6660.



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